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MONOBLOC CAST IRON FRAME with large table supports.



-  Interchangeable spindle MK5 with supply of a spindle Ø 50mm, 40mm, 30mm or 1 1/4" with rings,
-  Interchangeable spindle HSK-F80 with hydraulic or manual unlocking. (option)
Special high speed bearings, centralized grease lubrication system in front of the machine.
Electro-magnetical spindle locking. Lower chip ejector Ø 160mm.

CAST IRON TABLES in two parts
Dimensions 1m34 x 0m92. Table extensions (cast iron) length 2m15. Front extension bar with linear bearings. Stell and aluminium plates instead of table rings





- Motorized fence (cast iron) : Stroke 320mm, linear bearings and two screws for adjustment by geared motor. Manual push-button controI with electronical digital display and encoder or programmed control with memories. Outfeed fence plate with fine screw-adjustment and mechanical counter. Safety fence plates with interchangeable splïnterproof and rulers. Fence guard.
Aigner fence plates on option

Lifting device to move the motorized fence behind the table + ring-fence




Each model is fitted with an upper electrical control panel within operators reach.

CSN-VISU : Electronic digital displays of spindle travel, spindle tilt and fence travel.
Manual push-button control with fast and low speed for fine adjustment.

CSN-PROG : 3 axis position controller. 
1° axis : Rise and fall, 2° axis : Spindle tilt, 3° axis : Fence travel. 
Programmed axes control, single operation or manual control in absolute or incremental mode. 
Option : 
- Spindle speed controller with rnemories,
- Recognition device for spindle number.
- Electric support for automatic feed
- Horizontal spindle motor


CSN-VISU +30°/-45° : 2 speed-motor 5.5-7,5 kW/400 Volts 50Hz, with brake - 4 spindle speeds : 3000-4500-6000 and 9000 rpm. High and low speed contactors, magneto-thermical circuit breakers.


- MODEL +30°/-45° or +/-45.5° : 2 speed Motor 5.5-7.5 kW/400 Volts with brake, 4 spindle-speeds : 3000-6000 and 4500-9000 rpm

Option : motor 7.5 kW/400 Volts and inverter for variable spindle speed from 1500 rpm to 9000 rpm.
Automatic brake.

- MODEL +45°/-22,5° : 2 motors 7,5-10 HP/400 Volts 50Hz for 4 spindle speeds without any change of belts : 3000-6000 and 4500-9000rpm. Automatic brake,

Technical characteristics

- Table dimensions
- Option
- Table height
- Distance from the spindle to the front of the machine
- Distance from the spindle to the front extension bar (max.)
- Spindle speeds
- Option
- Spindle
- interchangeable MK5
- Stroke (Standard spindle)
- Tools diameter
- Motor :
- Weight
- Overall dimensions L x l x h (mm)
- Control panel h=1740

CE Examination Certificat n° 0070 070A 5030 11 94

Sound Emission (ISO 7960 B) :
Continuous equivalent level of acoustical pressure at the work station :
- L Aeq : 83,1 dB (A),
- Lpc < 130 dB.

1340 x 920 mm
2150 x 920 mm
920 mm
480 mm
940 mm
3000-4500-6000-9000 tr / mn
1500 to 9000 tr / mn

Ø50, 40, 30 mm or 1 1/4"
170 mm
max. 220 mm
5.5-7,5 kW / 400 Volts
1300 to 1450 kg
1340 x 1430 x 1320
2150 x 1430 x 1320

Specifications and illustrations : the right of modifications without notice is reserved.


CHARGEMENT-RAPIDE Hydraulic spindle unlocking with spindle HSK-F80


Advantages of spindle tilt backwards :

- Optimum protection : the workpiece covers the tool,
- Possibility to mould any sizes of workpieces
- Use of automatic feed unit without problems
- Perfect dust and chip collection


Vertical adjustment for spindle rise and fall